Selling Your Home – a Beginner’s Checklist

To help you get your house sold quickly and efficiently, we've put together a list of all the essential steps you need to take


Selling a property can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, and you’d be forgiven for not being sure of where to start or what steps you need to take when. To help you get your house sold quickly and efficiently, we’ve put together a list of all the essential steps you need to take. This should give you a good starting point and make you feel more confident about getting the best possible price.

Step one: Evaluate your finances

It’s really important that you have a handle on your finances from day one and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the amount you sell your house for is what you’re going to end up with in the bank. There are all kinds of costs to factor in, including estate agent and legal fees and potentially capital gains tax if it’s not your primary residence.

If you currently have a mortgage, you should also check to make sure you’re not still in a fixed-term deal and if so, what early repayment charges you might incur.

Step two: Research the market

Understanding the current property market is crucial and it’s useful to get a sense not just of the national picture, but of what prices in your specific area are doing. If you’re looking to sell in the centre of London for example, you’ll be looking at a very different price range than if you were in rural north Wales, or if you’re thinking “how do I sell my house in Nottingham?”

Look at a small radius as well as your town. You’ll often find that individual streets have a ceiling on the sort of price they can get, so don’t waste money on refurbishments that will push you over this point as it’s unlikely you’ll make back your investment.

Step three: Choose an estate agent

It’s a good idea to compare several estate agents to find one with a good reputation and reasonable fees. A good agent can provide valuable market insights, handle viewings and negotiate with buyers so don’t be tempted simply to pick the cheapest as this may not translate to the best profits.

Remember that you’re not obliged to go with a traditional agent for your house sale. One alternative is to market the property yourself, although you have to be confident to take on this challenge and have enough time on your hands to manage viewings. If you’re looking for a quick sale at a guaranteed price, selling to a cash house buyer could be another option.

Step four: Prepare your home

First impressions count, so make sure your home is in its best condition.

• Declutter and clean: Remove personal items to make your home appear more spacious and neutral. A deep clean can make a significant difference in the presentation.

• Repairs and maintenance: Fix any minor repairs such as leaky taps, cracked tiles or peeling paint. Consider repainting in neutral colours to appeal to a wider audience.

• Enhance curb appeal: Ensure your garden is tidy, the lawn is mowed and the entrance is inviting.

Selling your home involves careful planning and attention to detail. By following this checklist, you can streamline the process and increase your chances of a successful sale.

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