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Traveling by car along the West Coast of the USA will indeed become a memorable event in your life. To do this, it is enough to have reliable, safe, and easy-to-drive transport and to choose the correct route. The latter should be laid out so you can visit many small cities, which are no less impressive than the famous metropolises. We offer you our list of small towns that you should visit.

Mosier (Oregon)

On the Columbia River is the small town of Mosier. It’s only 1 hour from Portland, making it easy for anyone to get to. If you do not have your transport, you can rent or buy it on Sun Valley Auto and other online platforms where used models from various manufacturers are sold inexpensively. Arriving in Mosier, you must immediately begin exploring the local vineyards and wine tasting. The latter is known throughout America, so you have no right to miss this chance. Next, you can go on a hike, which will help you get closer to the wild nature of Oregon. For those who are more active, Mosier offers biking and kayaking.

Coupeville (Washington)

Just an hour and a half from Seattle is a famous little town called Coupeville. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and ancient architectural landmarks. Many were built in the 19th century but are still well preserved. Coupeville has an amazingly beautiful embankment. It will be an ideal place for evening and morning walks. True gourmets will also have something to do. They can taste local delicacies and a variety of seafood dishes. If this doesn’t suit you, you can go hiking along one designated route or kayaking.

Carmel-by-the-Sea (California)

This town in California will appeal to travelers who love beach holidays. The best way to get there is from San Jose. In this case, the journey will take more than 1 hour (with your car). In Carmel-by-the-Sea, you should head straight to the local beaches. After basking in the sun, you can stroll through numerous galleries to see the best works of artists and sculptors of the 19th and 20th centuries. Point Lobos State Nature Reserve is open for nature lovers. There are many walking routes along its territory, so you won’t get lost and will get to the most amazing natural attractions.

Astoria (Oregon)

There is an old little town on the Columbia River. It’s called Astoria, and every Oregonian has been there at least once. The best way to get to this locality is from Portland. In this case, the car journey will take only 100-105 minutes. If you travel from Seattle, the time required will be approximately 1 hour longer. In Astoria, nature is the main attraction. You can enjoy the silence and see unique animals in many lovely places. Astoria has numerous boutiques and catering establishments for those looking for a more relaxing holiday. The town also has a brewery, where you will be treated to a local intoxicating drink and a film museum.

Port Townsend (Washington)

Just a 2-hour drive from Seattle is the town of Port Townsend. Only about 10 thousand people will live in it, so you won’t have to stand in lines for long and constantly see the faces of passers-by in front of you. This town is ideal for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Here, you can spend hours walking along the cobbled streets, enjoying the ancient architecture and photographing various monuments. Also, every visitor can be alone with nature or admire the beauty of the landscape. Of course, Port Townsend also offers traditional entertainment such as fishing, kayaking, and visiting park rides.

Ojai (California)

This small town in California is a must-see for anyone who enjoys driving along the West Coast. The fastest way to get to its territory is from Los Angeles. To do this, get behind the wheel and spend an hour and a half of free time. Once you reach Ojai, you can immediately immerse yourself in the local cultural life. It is replete with festivals and similar events, one of which you will get to no matter what month you visit Ojai. You will also be able to visit local museums and see art exhibitions. If such a vacation does not suit you, go to Mount Topa Topa. It is surrounded by low hills, which even people without special training can climb. There are also several walking routes near the mountain, where you can appreciate the beauty of the local nature, breathe clean air, and enjoy birds singing.

Traveling along the West Coast of the USA by car will become much more exciting if you stop by the towns. Each of them has a lot of interesting things to offer and can entertain all family members. Once you have visited such settlements, you will fall in love with them and add each town to the route of your next trip.

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