The largest continent spreads from Russia to Indonesia and the Middle East.

Interested in Asia?

The world’s largest continent, Asia spreads from Turkey in the west to the islands in the South China Sea in the east, and from Russia in the north to Indonesia in the south. The continent is so vast that we decided to divide it in two with a section devoted to Southeast Asia travel.  Asia is a massive and diverse continent full of rich and varied opportunities for the Over 40 and Over 50 travel adventurer. At Travel Begins at 40 our expert writers have shared their favourite travel experiences of the region, from glamping in Japan and trekking in Tajikistan to sleeping in a Mongolian yurt and Bangladesh travel off the beaten track. We also have information on our favourite festivals in the region, so whether it is boat burning or goat carcass polo that tickles your fancy we have the ideal event just for you. Read about our Asia travel experiences and let them inspire you to explore all the continent’s riches.