Europe is a continent rich with culture and with distinct climactic regions.

Interested in Europe?

From Scandinavia in the north to the Mediterranean in the south, and from the Atlantic to the Urals, Europe is a vibrant and diverse continent full of rich and varied opportunities for the Over 40 and Over 50 travel adventurer. Whether your interests are more cultural or leaning towards outdoor adventuress, we have the travel experience for you. From taking a train up to the land of the midnight sun to travelling solo in Albania, and from becoming a Zwinger in Dresden to trekking Pembrokeshire’s coastal path – yes, for the UK is counted as part of Europe (at least for now) – at Travel Begins at 40, we have all your Europe travel options covered. We also have listings of the major events and festivals in the regions as well as special offers so that you holiday won’t break the bank. Read about our Europe travel experiences, and join in on the adventure of a lifetime.