Oceania is much more than just Australia and New Zealand. Discover...

Interested in Oceania?

Oceania is the most amazing continent waiting for you to explore. Naturally, people tend to visit Australia and New Zealand. And there is plenty in these two countries waiting for you to discover from the amazing nature and unique wildlife to the wonderful culture. If you wish to see Oceania in greater depth then you can visit some of the islands in the South Pacific, such as Tonga, Samoa and Tahiti. Travel Begins at 40 will provide you with details of the most interesting festivals in the region as well as our personal insights on what to do when you visit Oceania. Whether you are looking for a city break to Sydney, Auckland or Melbourne, or want to venture into the outback, swim in the most amazing waters or try the brilliant cuisine, you will discover a trip ‘down under’ to be the experience of a lifetime. And one you want to experience again and again.