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Bruges Beer Festival 2024 Belgium

14 September - 15 September


The Bruges Beer Festival has some of the finest Belgian beer.

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Since its first edition in 2007 the Bruges Beer Festival (“Brugs Bierfestival” in Flemish) has earned itself a reputation as one of Belgium’s best beer festivals, and that is saying something for the country renowned for having some of the finest beers in the world.

Featuring an epic range of 400 top beers from some 60 breweries, the Bruges Beer Festival attracts over 20,000 visitors every year from across the country and beyond. At every new edition of the festival new beers are presented making sure there’s always a few surprises for returning beer lovers.

Overwhelmed by the number of Belgian beers? Read about CAMRA’s (Campaign for Real Ale) latest edition of the Good Beer Guide Belgium and pick up a copy before you leave.

Bruges Beer
Bruges Beer

Bruges’ centuries-old tradition of brewing combined with a rich café culture make for an excellent place for some serious beer sampling activities.

Trappist beers

Trappist beers are mostly top-fermented beers brewed by Trappist monks. There are strict brewing criteria in order to sell a beer with the “Authentic Trappist Logo”, including that it must have been brewed by monks within a Trappist monastery or supervised by them, and that the brewery should not be the monastery’s main activity and not making profit with income going towards charity and the monastery’s expenses.

There are only twelve recognised Trappist beers in the world – half of them are in Belgium, two in the Netherlands, and one each in Austria, Italy, the US and England. In recent years the monks of Leicestershire’s Mount Saint Bernard Abbey started brewing “Tynt Meadow”, the UK’s first Trappist ale. Apparently, the Bruges Beer Festival is the only one in the world where all the Trappist beers from Belgium and the Netherlands are available, even the difficult to find Westvleteren.

Participating breweries at the Bruges Beer Festival 2024

Apart from the Trappist beers, 60 breweries offering more than 400 beers.

The BMCC will host the 2024 Festival

Of Bruges and Beer

To discover what both city and festival are like, follow mark Bibby Jackson as he goes In Bruges Beer and Culture. For more information on the things to do in Bruges Belgium go to the Visit Bruges website.

Where Will It Take Place?

This year the Bruges Beer Festival 2024 will take place at the new Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC).

When is the Bruges Beer Festival 2024?

The 16th edition of the Belgian beer festival is scheduled to run on 14 and 15 September.

Entry to the Festival

Entry to the beer festival Bruges is free while a “starters pack” can be bought for €25; this includes a BAB tasting glass, booklet and a chip card with 6 BABcoins.

Bruges Hotels

Make sure you book your accommodation in Bruges well in advance as the beautiful Flemish city is a very popular destination. We recommend the Hotel De Goezeput, Goezeputstraat.

More information about the Belgium Beer Festival:

Visit the Festival website or its Facebook page for the latest updates.


14 September
15 September


BMCC at Beursplein
050 44 8000
View Venue Website

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