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Quebec Winter Carnival 2024

25 January - 11 February

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Ever since 1955, the people of Quebec City have celebrated winter with the Quebec Winter Carnival. In 2006, over a million people attended the festival, making it the biggest winter festival in the world until the Harbin Ice Festival usurped its crown.

History of the Quebec Winter Carnival

The first Carnaval de Québec was held in 1894, but it was only an intermittent event until 1955, when Bonhomme (see below), the festival’s mascot reared his massive head.

Quebec Winter Carnival
Enjoy caribou at the bars

Drink caribou at the city’s bars, or dine at restaurants at the outdoor patios where you can enjoy shisha in Canada or dance the night away at the Ice Hotel.

Quebec Winter Carnival 2024 Dates

The next carnival is from 25 January to 11 February, 2024.

Quebec Winter Carnival Activities

At the centre of the festivities is the Ice Palace, where Bonhomme resides. In addition to the opening and closing ceremonies by the palace, there will be a series of activities, including:

Quebec Winter Carnival
One of the many activities at the carnival © Frederic Lavoie
  • Night parades along the streets of Quebec, needless to say featuring Bonhomme;
  • A series of ice canoe races across the St Lawrence River;
  • A masquerade ball in Château Frontenac’s grand ballroom; and
  • Outdoor sporting events, including: ice canoeing, snowboarding, ice-hockey, sleigh racing and dog-sledding.

While enjoying the festivities, visitors can also take a break and experience the excitement of

Quebec Winter Carnival Packages

Various companies run tours to the carnival, including Bon Voyage.

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Hotels for Quebec Winter Carnival 2024

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Bonhomme, Mascot of the Quebec Winter Carnival

Bonhomme relaxing at the Quebec Winter Carnival,
Bonhomme relaxing at the Quebec Winter Carnival, © Frederic Lavoie

Okay, so who is this Bonhomme fellow anyway? A seven-foot high snowman donning a red cap and weighing some 400 pounds, Bonhomme has been at the heart of the festival since 1955, reflecting the Quebecois sense of joie de vivre. A childhood friend of Santa Claus, he wishes for nothing more than a reverse of climate change … and ice cream, according to the official website.

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Things To Do in Quebec

For more ideas on what to do in Quebec in winter time, click here, find a local bookmaker in Canada, or or visit:


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