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Sheep Shearing Festival, Khot Armenia

15 June

The Sheep Shearing Festival will take place in Khot Armenia in June 2025.

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If sheep shearing is your thing then the village of Khot in Syunik, Armenia is the place to head for in June. There the Sheep Shearing Festival sees the local people of Vayoc, Dzor and Syunik keeping alive their tradition of honouring all things ovine as well as giving their companions a short, back and sides.

The highlight is a shearing competition where speed and accuracy are the main criteria, but there is also a healthy sampling of the local cuisine, masterclasses in sheep shearing with guest shearers invited from New Zealand, Georgia and the UK, traditional folk song and dance, as well as a tight rope walk. There is also a market where you can buy products from the artisans of Vayoc, Dzor and Syunik.

Entertainment also comes in the form of live music, as well as a DJ set, tournaments, special contests and games for the kids. This is a rich Armenian cultural festival.

Date for the Khot Sheep Shearing Festival 2024

The 2024 festival will be on 15 June. The traditional festival in Armenia was first started in 2015.

Sheep Shearing Festival
Areni, Armenia: Armenian man herding his sheep in a countryside, Deposit Photos.

Where Is the Festival?

It will be held at The Ranch LLC (former Animal Market), Khot, Tatev community, Syunik, Armenia.

Trips for the Khot Sheep Shearing Festival 2024

If you are looking to arrange a trip then TravelLocal has a 13-day Mountains and Monasteries trip.

More information on Things to Do in Armenia

If you want to have more travel Armenia ideas, visit the official tourism website. The country is rich in culture and history and the website is full of useful information on wine tasting, bird watching and trekking throughout Armenia. This really is a country that is for the more intrepid traveller to discover.


15 June


The Ranch LLC
Tatev community,Syunik
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