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St David’s Day 2023, Wales, UK

March 1

St David’s Day

We’ve all heard of St Patrick’s Day, but how many of you know of St David’s Day? The much neglected patron saint of the principality of Wales is celebrated on 1 March each year.

Who Was St David?

The patron saint of Wales is also the patron saint of doves. He is often pictured holding a dove standing on a small hill or with one on his shoulder (as below).

Known as Dewi Sant in Welsh, he was born in the town of Caerfai, Pembrokshire the son of Sant, a prince of Cardigan, and St Non, the daughter of a chieftain, somewhere around the year 500.

He is also reputed to be the nephew of King Arthur.

St David’s Day
St David with a dove on his shoulder

Despite his noble origins, David lived a parsimonious life, noted for being both a vegetarian and a teetotaller – so perhaps he should also be the patron saint of January. He was also known as Dewi Dyfrwr or David the Waterman.

In addition to founding 12 monasteries he is renowned for performing a series of miracles, including raising the ground at the Synod of Brefi so that his sermon could be heard by all those who had gathered there.

He is noted for saying, “Do the little things”, or “Gwnewch y pethau bychain” in Welsh.

Some St David’s Day Facts

The day commemorates the saint’s death on 1 March, 589, more than 1,400 years ago.

However, it was not until the 18th century that the day was declared a national day in Wales.

St David is the only UK patron Saint in the UK who was actually born in the country where he is held as a patron saint.

St Davids
St Davids Cathedral

His shrine is in St Davids, which is also the smallest city in the UK, with a population of around 1,600.

St David’s Day 2023 Events

In 2020 the following events were held, and hopefully they will reappear in 2023.

Celebrations start with St David’s Day Dinner on 26 February in the Guildhall, London.

In Wales, one of the highlights is the Croeso Festival that will take place in Swansea on 29 February and 1 March. There will be live music, cookery demonstrations and the St David’s Parade.

A St David’s Day Run will take place in the Welsh capital Cardiff on 1 March, as will the St David’s Day Parade,

St Fagans National Museum of History will feature harp music and traditional folk dancing from 10am to 3pm on 1 March. Alternatively, there will be a Celebration of Wales from 10 am at the Bishop’s Palace, St Davids.

On 2 March, there will be a parade in Haverfordwest.

One of the best things to do in Wales is to go walking the Pembrokeshire Coast path, near St Davids.

St David’s Day Food
MamGu Welshcakes from Pembrokeshire for St David's Day
MamGu Welshcakes from Pembrokeshire for St David’s Day

By the 18th century “taffies” – gingerbread men riding a goat, in the manner of St David – were baked for St David’s Day. Alternatively you coud try some Welsh Cakes, such as from MamGu’s Welsh Coffee Shop in Solva, which has 14 different sweet and savoury flavours delivered anywhere in the UK..

St David’s Day Costume

People celebrate by wearing a daffodil, the national symbol of Wales, or a leek. Legend has it that before a battle with the Saxons, David instructed the Welsh forces to wear a leek so as to distinguish them from their foes. The Welsh won.

As the day coincides with the first day of spring, and as daffodils resemble leeks, a daffodil is often used to replace a leek.

St David’s Flag

St David's Day Flag
The special flag

The flag of Saint David has is a yellow cross on a black background.

St David’s Day in Welsh

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus.

Is St David’s Day a Public Holiday?

Unfortunately not, even though according to a poll in 2007, some 87% of Welsh people want it to be made one. However, PM Tony Blair rejected such calls.

More information on things to do in Wales

For more inspiration on things to do in the principality, visit


March 1
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