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Just the sound of the word carnival makes you want to dance. Traditionally – but not always – carnivals mark the period before Lent in the Christian calendar, as the last day you could party. In addition to dancing, partying and consuming lots of food participants dress up in costumes or don masks and join massive parades.

Rio Carnival

The biggest and most famous carnival in the world is the Rio Carnival. One enormous party, it has become a victim of its own success, with a lack of accommodation in the Brazilian city as well as inflated prices and potential crime.

Carnivals around the World

But despair not, Rio is not the only city to carnival. Indeed, elsewhere in Latin America many a place has its own carnival, at roughly the same time as Rio, often with less crowds but with just the same amount of fun. You might prefer trying the Barranquilla Carnival, Limon Carnival in Costa Rica, the Panama Carnival or the Trinidad Carnival.

Carnivals in Europe

However, nowhere is the carnival more celebrated than in Europe. The Sitges Carnival is LGBT friendly, while the Venice Carnival is the place to go if you like making a masquerade of yourself. Elsewhere there are carnivals from Cologne to Nice and even in Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands. For a peculiarly Belgian take on the celebration, why not head to the Carnaval Binche and enjoy some of he excellent beer at the same time.

Carnivals in London

Not all carnivals are held in the build up to Lent. In London, the Notting Hill Carnival takes place in the last weekend in August, which is also a bank holiday weekend. A celebration of the Afro-Caribbean community in London, this is the biggest party in the UK capital’s calendar, with great music, non-stop party fever and copious quantities of rum.

Best Carnivals in the World

If all this sounds too much, then you can always try our selection of the best carnivals around the world. Enjoy!

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January 2023

Tenerife Carnival 2023, Santa Cruz

January 17 - February 26
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz,TenerifeSpain + Google Map
carnivals around the world santa cruz carnival 2019

They sure know how to throw a fiesta in Spain, and the annual Tenerife Carnival (Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife) is a shining example of a pumping party. As…

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February 2023

Quebec Winter Carnival 2023

February 3 - February 12
Quebec City Quebec City,Canada + Google Map
Quebec Winter Carnival

Ever since 1955, the people of Quebec City have celebrated winter with the Quebec Winter Carnival. In 2006, over a million people attended the festival, making it the biggest winter…

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Venice Carnival (Carnevale di Venezia) 2023

February 4 - February 21
Venice Venice,Italy + Google Map
Venice Carnival

Juxtapose one of the most beautiful cities in the world alongside one of the most colourful and exciting carnivals globally and it has to be a winning formula. Masked costumed…

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Viareggio Carnival 2023 (Carnevale di Viareggio) Italy

February 4 - February 25
Viali a Mare promenade, Percorso Sfilata
+ Google Map
€15 – €40
Viareggio Carnival

Along with the Venice Carnival, the Viareggio Carnival or Carnevale di Viareggio is one of the largest carnivals in Italy. Held in the Tuscan...

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Carnaval de Nice (Nice Carnival) 2023

February 10 - February 26
Nice Carnival carnivals 2019

Set on the glamorous Cote d’Azure, the Nice Carnival (Carnaval de Nice) is one of the largest and most famous carnivals in the world. Many of the world’s top film…

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Battle of the Oranges, 2023, Ivrea, Italy

February 16 - February 21
Ivrea Ivrea,PiedmontItaly + Google Map
Italy Festivals Battle of the Oranges carnivals 2019

Referred to as the biggest food fight in Europe, the Battle of the Oranges takes over the town of Ivrea on the three days preceding Lent, from the Sunday to…

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Carnaval Sitges (Sitges Carnival) 2023, Spain

February 16 - February 22
Sitges Sitges,CatalunyaSpain + Google Map
sitges carnival carnivals 2019

The Sitges Carnival (Carnaval Sitges) sees the Spanish coastal town brought to life with carnival fever as parties and parades take over the streets in the run-up to Lent. While…

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Cologne Carnival (Fastelovend), 2023

February 16 - February 22
Cologne Cologne,Germany + Google Map
Cologne Carnival

The Cologne Carnival, Fastelovend or 'Fasteleer' in the local dialect is one of the biggest street carnivals in Europe. The Carnival will be from 16 to 22 February, 2023. Officially, the…

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Bahia Carnival (Carnaval Baiano), Brazil

February 16 - February 22
Bahia Carnival

Yes, we have all heard of Carnival in Rio, but what about a Carnival in the part of Brazil where the influence of African culture is at its strongest? The…

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Barranquilla Carnival 2023 Colombia

February 18 - February 21
Various areas of Barranquilla Barranquilla City,Colombia
barranquilla carnival colombia

The sensational Barranquilla Carnival held in February in Colombia is the world’s second biggest fiesta with magnificent street parades, traditional dancers, lots of local...

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Carnaval de Binche 2023, Belgium

February 19 - February 21
All over town Binche,Belgium + Google Map
2017 Binche Carnival Carnaval de Binche

Eerie, identical wax masks, colossal ostrich plume hats, confetti in churches and orange throwing: the medieval Carnaval de Binche (or Carnival of Binche) is like no other in the world.…

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Panama Carnival (Panama Carnaval), 2023

February 19 - February 22
Panama City Panama City,Panama + Google Map
Panama Carnival

The Panama Carnival (or Carnaval in Spanish) is the biggest celebration of the year in the Central American nation. Here’s how it’s done. Bring your water pistol. During the day…

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Trinidad Carnival, Port of Spain 2023

February 21 - February 22
Port of Spain Port of Spain,Trinidad and Tobago + Google Map
trinidad carnival carnivals 2019

The World’s greatest party might be in Rio de Janeiro, but the Trinidad Carnival is a mix of centuries of tradition and solid fun, and is probably the most vibrant…

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Mashramani Carnival, Guyana

February 23
Penang National Park Georgetown,Guyana + Google Map
Festive Celebration of Mashramani_Georgetown_AmandaRichards

The Guyana Mashramani Carnival is an annual festival celebrated on the 23 February to mark the country becoming a republic on that date in 1970. Often shortened to ‘Mash’ the…

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Basel Carnival (Fasnacht), Switzerland, 2023

February 27 - March 1
St Martin’s Church, Martinskirche, Martinskirchplatz
+ Google Map
Basel Carnival

The Basel Carnival is part of the city’s cultural identity. For three days the city goes wild. The largest carnival in Switzerland, it was added to the UNESCO...

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March 2023

New Orleans Mardi Gras 2023

March 21
New Orleans New Orleans,LAUnited States + Google Map
New Orleans Mardi Gras

New Orleans Mardi Gras or ‘Fat Tuesday’ is one of the biggest parties in the USA and very distinct from the Rio Carnival or the Trinidad Carnival, Port of Spain.…

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April 2023

Rio Carnival (Rio Carnaval) Rio de Janeiro 2023

April 17 - April 25
Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro,Brazil + Google Map
Rio Carnival is postponed

The Rio Carnival Brazil (Rio Carnaval) is the biggest and greatest celebration on Earth. While locals know where to go and what to do; however, as it’s a big Latin…

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May 2023

Barbados Crop Over Festival 2023

May 1 - August 7
Barbados Barbados + Google Map
The Barbados Crop Over Festival

The Barbados Crop Over Festival, or Barbados Carnival, is an annual event held each summer in the Caribbean island. The festival is spread over three months, concluding with the Grand…

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Romerias de Mayo, Holguin, Cuba, 2023

May 2 - May 8
Holguin Holguin,Cuba + Google Map
Romerias de Mayo

A traditional religious parade Romerias de Mayo has added modern touches, with artists from Mexico, Canada, France and, of course, Cuba. A week of colourful parades and a range of…

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July 2023

Anguilla Summer Festival 2023

July 30 - August 7
Anguilla Anguilla + Google Map
Anguilla Summer Festival

Anguilla’s biggest party returns from 28 July – 7 August 2022. The Anguilla Summer Festival will turn the Caribbean island technicolour with music parades...

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