There is nothing quite like the Great Outdoors. Whether it is trekking along a beautiful coastal path in Pembrokeshire, lazing on the most pristine white sand beach or cycling in the Pyrenees, you are bound to return home refreshed and recharged. At Travel Begins at 40 we have a whole range of outdoor activities encompassing the whole globe. Over 50 travel is not about doing the same old, same old; something our team of travel experts acknowledge, which is why we have compiled some of our favourite outdoor travel experiences whether for the solo traveller or if you prefer to set off in a small group. We also have the latest news of outdoor festivals such as Mongolia festivals, and special offers so you will never miss out on a deal.  We believe that travel is supposed to be an adventure and one best experienced outdoors, so let us inspire you to set off upon that adventure, you’ll never look back.

Let the adventure begin.