Solo Travel

Solo travel can allow you to see both destination and yourself more clearly.
Into the Chittagong Hill Tracts: Rangamati

Into the Chittagong Hill Tracts: Rangamati

Johan Smits visits Rangamati Bangladesh in the travel-restricted Chittagong Hill Tracts – the country’s highlands and home of the Jumma people. I’m on my way from Chittagong, Bangladesh’s largest port…

Interested in Solo Travel?

Solo travel can provide a totally different perspective to a destination than when travelling in a group or with family and friends. You will see things differently and encounter a totally unprecedented response from your host than whilst travelling in a group. Travel Begins at 40 is aimed at the independent-minded traveller, and that includes the solo traveller. So, whether it is driving a motorcycle around Thailand, or travelling Albania by rail, our team of experienced travel writers have shared their best and worst experiences of going solo. And it is not just the exclusive preserve of the young, increasingly couples are deciding to take holidays on their own – to reflect the different interest they have, and what they individually want from their holiday. Travelling alone can give you a different perspective not only of your travel destination, but also of yourself. Let us inspire you to go it alone.