Sustainable / Eco

Travel is as much as giving back as it is of taking away, which is why at Travel Begins at 40, we fully endorse sustainable travel and ecotourism. Loosely defined as realising the current and future economic, social and environmental impact of tourism, whilst meeting the needs of visitors, the environment and our hosts, sustainable travel can also be seen as having our cake and eating it. Through preserving what we still have for the future we are also presenting great tourism experiences for travellers, as well as creating much needed revenue for those involved in the tourism industry. It is the ultimate win-win-win scenario. Ecotourism is an essential element of sustainable tourism; responsible tourism in natural areas helping preserve those areas and provide much needed livelihoods for the host community. Our travel writers and experts have shared their best sustainable travel and ecotourism experiences, as well as making the case for this being the future face of tourism.

Let the adventure begin.