Improve both physical and mental health through wellness activities, spas and retreats.

Interested in Wellness?

Increasingly the over 40 and 0ver 50 traveller is looking for more from their holidays than a nice sun tan. Wellness is becoming an essential part of our travel experience. As you travel, you can improve both your physical and mental health and wellbeing through activities ranging from yoga and meditation to massage and even zip-lining through a tropical rain forest. At Travel Begins at 40, we have travelled the globe to bring you our favourite wellness experiences and destinations. Whether it is visiting a sanatorium in the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan, going on a balloon ride in the States or detoxing in Koh Samui, our team of expert writers has shared their experiences with you. We feature spas, retreats, resorts and popular health destinations. Let us help you embark on a journey of self improvement on your next trip, and who knows you might just discover your personal Zen.