Luxury private game reserve, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve has announced that it has been confirmed as carbon negative since 2018.

Following an on-site assessment and an external audit, it has been verified that Grootbos sequesters more carbon through the responsible carbon and carbon emission reduction practices than it emits.

The Grootbos carbon credits align with internationally approved methodologies and are attributable to deliberate interventions. These include the Grootbos landscape management, the recycling of solid waste, the processing of compostable material, investments in renewable energy interventions and the poverty alleviation work in the surrounding communities.

Grootbos is one of only 10 Long Run Global Ecosphere Reserves (GER) in the world and subscribes to the 4C Long Run framework, which prioritises the symbiotic focus of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce equally, to internalise sustainability.

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