In the heart of Canada, lies the vast and incredible province of Manitoba. Equipped with bucket list experiences, from polar bear viewings in Churchill, beluga whale excursions in the Hudson Bay, to black bears and moose sightings in Riding Mountain National Park, it looks towards some of the calmer elements of the adventure province.

Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature

Located a few minutes from downtown Winnipeg, Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature takes its visitors through a multi-sensory experience in the city’s wooded havens. Its guests are invited enjoy the benefits of thermotherapy in world class facilities inspired by some of the best Scandinavian traditions. The collection of outdoor baths alternate between hot and cold waters and are designed to eliminate toxins and stimulate circulation and increase cardiac rhythm. The resort also includes three relaxing outdoor pools: hot pool, temperate and cold plunge pool, as well as two distinct saunas, an exfoliation and steam room, a mouth-watering restaurant and numerous resting areas, including hammocks in a shaded beach area, outdoor bonfire pits and an indoor heated tile chaise lounge pavilion.

RAW: almond

Famed as one of the most unique pop up restaurants in the world RAW: almond is the joint venture and creative brainchild of Chef Mandel Hitzer and architect Joe Kalturnyk. Now six years in the making, the creative stint has grown from strength to strength and RAW has been defined as one of Manitoba’s boldest and most unique outdoor events. Pairing gastronomy with adventure, RAW’s pop-up restaurant enables diners to feast on ice, where the frozen waters of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet in the heart of the city. With Chef Mandel Hitzer overseeing a multi-course menu and Joe leading the architectural design, RAW: almond paves the way for a truly imaginative dining experience. The multi-course tasting menu provides an aromatic and flavourful combination of culinary creations from top chefs from across Canada.

Fort Garry Hotel

Housed in one of the city’s most iconic architectural landmarks, the century-old Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre ushers in a new era of modern-day style in downtown Winnipeg. Catering to guests who appreciate local history mixed with authentic charm, this iconic 240-room “Grand Dame” serves as a perfect wellness escape in Winnipeg. Home to Ten Spa, situated on the 10th floor, the spa is Winnipeg’s only world-class spa complete with the Hamam at Ten, Canada’s only co-ed Turkish bath. Guests can find treatment-based spa services with all the amenities that will ensure a luxurious therapeutic experience.

Red River Mutual Trail

Situated in the heart of Downtown Winnipeg, where the Assiniboine and Red rivers meet, the Red River Mutual trail’s flat icy surface makes for a Winnipeg tradition. Commuters, tourists and those enjoying a leisurely weekend can experience the sights of the city from one of Manitoba’s most unique naturally frozen trails. Varying in length each year, the trail is dependent on specific weather conditions and how the river freezes. Famed as a tradition, city dwellers often skate, walk, run, or sled their way along The Red River Mutual Trail, marking a perfect outdoor spot for visitors.

FortWhyte Alive

FortWhyte Alive is an environmental, education and recreation centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Purposefully built as a nature preserve and environmental centre, the site is rooted in sustainability, promoting a healthy natural environment. For guests looking to inject fresh air, wildlife and cultural heritage into their visit, FortWhyte provides ecotours programmes. From learning all about the legacy of the bison and how they influenced the history of Manitoba and the lives of its Indigenous people, to yoga sessions on ice and forest snowshoe adventures at night, FortWhyte Alive’s events and ecotours provide a multitude of wellness and outdoor inspired events for visitors to choose from.

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