With the change of regime in Afghanistan, there are many groups of workers who are left without income, support and who are at potential risk due to their work with the international community. Among these groups are the people who work in tourism, who guide and arrange logistics for tourists and media projects.

Travel companies Untamed BordersInertia Network, Soviet Tours and Lupine Travel are partnering together to raise funds for their local partners – guides, drivers, fixers, local journalists, translators, hoteliers, and their families. The funds raised will support transportation, resettlement and general humanitarian needs for those displaced or who are trying to leave the country.

“These are people who we know and care about deeply,” explains Untamed Borders founder James Willcox, who has been running cultural, marathon and ski trips to Afghanistan for over 13 years. “They are not directly employed by large NGO’s or international government organisations, but they have taken risks and sacrifices to promote their nation, share stories, and keep visitors safe. It’s our responsibility as travel companies to help them now.”

So far, with an overwhelming response from previous tourists, over $35,000 has been raised since the initiative launched on Tuesday. Funds will be given out as grants to support the following (this list can change and is flexible as the situation changes):

  1. Emergency funds for transportation to safe areas (flights, overland vehicles, etc.).
  2. Resettlement funds for displaced people who have moved within or out of Afghanistan.
  3. Support of living and daily essential costs (inside or outside the country, seeing how things change).
  4. Sponsorship financing for refugee and humanitarian visas.
  5. A portion of all money collected will also go to support the general humanitarian crisis brought about by the change of regime in Afghanistan.

If you wish to contribute to the campaign visit: https://fundly.com/support-afghan-guides-and-fixers-1.

Main image of Fatima, the First Female Afghanistan Tour Guide.