NH Hotel Group has chosen ACCIONA Energy to supply 100% renewable energy for all its hotels in Spain and Portugal until December 2023.

Through this agreement, ACCIONA Energy will supply more than 100GWh/year of renewable electricity to cover the energy needs of the hotel chain in the Iberian Peninsula. With this contract, ACCIONA Energy establishes itself as the strategic partner for the decarbonisation of NH Hotel Group, which will reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 14,000 tonnes per year thanks to the consumption of clean electricity.

This initiative is part of the fight against climate change that the Company includes in its “SBT 2030 Commitment Plan” and that includes the levers of action to meet the objective of reducing its carbon emissions by 20% throughout its value chain. until 2030.

NH Hotel Group thus demonstrates its solid commitment to respecting and preserving the environment in which it carries out its own activity and minimising the environmental impact of its hotels. In Austria, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg and Portugal, the electricity supply of the brand’s hotels comes from renewable energy generation sources. The consumption of renewable or green energy is available in all the hotels in these countries, which account for 62% of the total electrical energy consumed by the hotels in the NH portfolio.

As a result of its commitment to the sustainable development of its activity, the hotel chain carries out numerous initiatives to help curb climate change. Thanks to alliances like this and the consumption of green electricity, NH Hotel Group has reduced the tonnes of CO2 in scope 2 by 91% and by 61% in scopes 1+2 and has saved nearly 30,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 31% of the carbon footprint (scopes 1 + 2) of the entire company, according to data from the Southern Europe business unit at the end of 2021.