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Travel Begins at 40 Joins Future of Tourism Coalition


Travel Begins at 40 has joined the Future of Tourism Coalition as part of its pledge to help rebuild tourism in a positive post-Covid direction.

The coalition was formed in June 2020 and already has some 500 signatories from all components of the travel and tourism sector, including destinations, travel companies, NGOs, academia and media.

It has 13 guiding principles to place destination needs at the centre of the future of tourism.

Jeremy Sampson Future of Tourism Coalition
Jeremy Sampson

“We established The Future of Tourism coalition to provide a greater unified voice for the sector,” says Jeremy Sampson, Chair of the Future of Tourism Coalition. “But we also wanted it to reflect the diverse nature of the sector, which is why we encourage all members of the tourism industry large or small to join the coalition.”

Mark Bibby Jackson, the co-founder of Travel Begins at 40, says, “At the start of the year we pledged to play our part in helping to create a cleaner and greener tourism sector through posting a series of #SustainableSunday articles. Joining the Future of Tourism coalition is a further step along this journey.”

Recently The Future of Tourism announced that it was working together with Tourism Declares to develop a blueprint for climate action in destinations.

At the time Sampson said, “We’ve been working closely with Tourism Declares since we launched last summer, as climate change is the big issue that cuts right across our 13 Guiding Principles for the future of tourism. We would like our two initiatives to align as seamlessly as possible, as we need engagement, insights, experience and expertise from all parts of our diverse industry to find the best solutions for tomorrow’s tourism.”

To learn more about the Coalition, or to join it yourself, please click here. Cover image kindly supplied by Nathan Horton of Nathan Horton Photography.

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Mark Bibby Jackson

Mark Bibby Jackson

Before setting up Travel Begins at 40, Mark was the publisher of AsiaLIFE Cambodia and a freelance travel writer. When he is not packing and unpacking his travelling bag, Mark writes novels, including To Cook A Spider and Peppered Justice. He loves walking, eating, tasting beer, isolation and arthouse movies, as well as talking to strangers on planes, buses and trains whenever possible. Most at home when not at home.

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