Holding hope for richer living, Unique Home Stays have partnered Rewilding Britain on a mission to restore wild nature and reconnect the nation with the wonders of the natural world.

With moorlands and mountains, coastlines and fells providing the inspiring backdrops for the luxury properties they represent, innovative rental company Unique Home Stays are taking action to give something back in a new incentive that will work to nurture Britain’s land and to secure a future for generations to come.

The tourism industry produces 8% of total global greenhouse gas emissions (according to Carbon Brief) and by partnering with Rewilding Britain, Unique Home Stays are contributing to the restoration of woodland, peatland and species-rich grassland across the country.

From 1 September 2019, for every booking taken, Unique Home Stays have pledged to donate to Rewilding Britain. Moreover, the company will be giving every employee the opportunity to volunteer one working day a year with a local charity to support their efforts.

Charlotte Hayes, Marketing Manager at Unique Home Stays, says, “Our mission to rewild the nation has been born from giving back to the beautiful land our properties our located within. Luxury lifestyle isn’t synonymous with sustainability, but it’s our goal to help change that perception. Our partnership with Rewilding Britain has been forged though a belief that together we can cultivate a different future for people and nature. Supporting the restoration of Great Britain’s eco systems and with pioneering projects like this at a new scale in Britain, we’re proud to support an organisation that’s pushing for the policy changes needed for rewilding to spread far and wide.

“Also teaming up with local charities, we have confidence that our initial volunteering scheme will support change close to home, helping rewild the nation in the fight against climate change by contributing at least 200 hours to local charities.”

For more information, visit www.uniquehomestays.com.