There is no better way to explore the paradise islands of Seychelles than on foot. The huge variety of biodiversity and landscapes – striking mountains, granite rocks, mangrove forests, tropical jungle and of course stunning beaches – gives you endless options of different hiking trails. Over 40% of land mass is designated to national parks, so you can easily find yourself amidst unspoilt nature.

Mahé Island: Salazie Nature Trail

Made out of granite, Mahé’s beaches are strikingly white and sandy, whilst the middle of the island is mountainous. Morne Seychellois National Park, which covers over 20% of Mahé, is equipped with an extensive trail network spanning more than 15km through mangroves, lush tropical jungles and tall mountains. It’s home to many endemic and rare birds, such as the Seychelles Scops-owl, making it perfect for bird-lovers.

With so many different trails to choose from, the Salazie Nature Trail is the perfect medium combining a beautiful variety of terrain. The first part of the trail follows a road through cultivated mahogany forest and tea plantations, giving you an easy start. Towards the end, you’ll be met with more of a challenge as you pass through dense forest and down a narrow path between undergrowth and boulders to a private housing estate.

Silhouette Island: Grand Barbe Beach 

The third-largest Seychelles island, Silhouette Island, is the most undeveloped of the Seychelles’ inhabited islands and has no cars or roads. Its interior region is a national park with some of the richest biodiversity in the entire Indian Ocean. Hundreds of endemic birds, reptiles and plants call the island home and two species of turtle which were once considered extinct were re-discovered.

Ideal for experienced hikers, the Grand Barbe hiking trail is one of the most magnificent and challenging hikes in the country. It runs from one side of Silhouette island to the other and explores the island’s wildest regions. Despite the challenge, the path is mostly in the shade of the dense forest so the temperature never gets too hot.

Praslin Island: Anse Georgette via Anse Lazio

Widely considered one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet, it’s no wonder Praslin is one of the most travelled islands in the archipelago. Made up of stunning beaches, emerald waters and lush jungles, hiking in Praslin is an unforgettable experience. Praslin is home to the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, one of the country’s two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, most famous for its rare, endemic Coco de Mer palm.

This hike through the incredible landscapes of Praslin’s north point is a great trail for a variety of hikers since it is a good medium level. The slightly demanding jungle terrain adds to the adventure before you’re rewarded with the grand finale of the dazzling bay. Framed by large granite boulders, the sights of the two picture-perfect palm-fringed beaches, Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio will instantly make you forget all about the efforts of your hike.

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