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Writers Retreat in Puglia Italy


If you’re looking to jumpstart a writing project or unlock your creativity, what better place to do so than at a writers retreat in southern Italy. Imagine taking an evening stroll through centuries old alleyways and discovering a new cathedral you didn’t know was there. You’ll be sure to draw creativity and inspiration from ancient energies.

This retreat arranged by The Writing Grove is for you if:

  • You have ideas that aren’t getting off the ground
  • You struggle with writing compelling & convincing dialogue
  • You want your characters to come alive on the page
  • You have a project you want to get going, but find it difficult to give yourself the time and space to focus
  • You want to explore your creative side in a community with fellow writers.

Writers Retreat in Nardò, Puglia

During Learn to write great scenes & dialogue (from 30 October) you’ll join a small group of fellow writers in a 900-year-old convent in Nardò, a baroque jewel of town in Puglia. Nardò is a small but lively town, fifteen minutes by car (or 25 by bike) to the natural reserves and the Ionian sea. The region is well-known to Italians, but off the beaten path for most tourists. You’ll find no masses here, just the slow rhythms of the Mediterranean and ancient traditions.

Whether you’re working on nonfiction, a novel, a short story or just want to learn more about how to write, you’ll gain skills from this retreat.

Using techniques from fiction, film and theatre, we’ll give you all the tools you need to create great scenes in your fiction or non-fiction with realistic dialogue.

Together with the other participants, you’ll work in a creative, supportive, open and welcoming environment.

Over the course of the week, through practical examples and interactive exercises, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create scenes: design scene architecture and setting
  • Bring characters to life and give them problems to solve (or not)
  • Drive conflict: action & resolution
  • Write great dialogue: talking & listening, subtext
  • Think like a writer

Participants in our retreats & writing workshops have ignited their creative spark, unblocked their creativity and have gone on to publish short stories & novels.

Writing Grove Testimonials:

“I learned a lot about how to improve my writing… colour, context, background, senses…The feedback was really useful! The exercises were really well thought out and writing examples were really high quality. I found them motivating and challenging. 100% recommend to others.” – Clare, France

“I learned how to inject detail and emotion in my writing. I really enjoyed reading the sample exercises to gain insight. I do look forward to more opportunities with The Writing Grove – online and in-person :)” Lisa, USA.

Lloyd Miner

The course is taught by Lloyd Miner, an experienced writer and workshop leader, whose work has been published in the US and Europe. He has also had his dramatic work performed in London and Australia. He graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Film Studies and has a Certificate in Directing from the prestigious Australian National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

The Writing Grove also offers online courses that you can take from anywhere in the world.

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