Swinton Bivouac in North Yorkshire is introducing a fresh antidote to the demands of busy modern life with a series of mindful digital detox breaks set within tranquil woodland on the edge of the Dales National Park.

This new two-night package capitalises the unparalleled space and beauty of Swinton’s 20,000-acre estate, combining off-grid accommodation in hand built wooden tree lodges with a programme of mindlful outdoor activities designed to relax, recuperate and recharge. Developed in association with Forest Bathing UK, the itinerary includes:

Forest Bathing – the term used for emerging yourself within a natural wooded environment in a mindful way to enhance health, wellbeing and happiness. Trees naturally give off ‘phytoncides’ or ‘wood essential oils’, which, when inhaled, have been scientifically and clinically proven to have a positive impact on the nervous system. Benefits include a boosted immune system, reduced blood pressure, stress reduction and improvement in mood, focus, energy and sleep. The Forest Bathing sessions are led by Faith and take place in the woodland that surrounds the tree lodges, where there are various standing stones, a Druid’s Temple and beautiful views across the surrounding moorland.

Sound Baths – a deep and often healing meditation achieved from an immersion in sounds from drums, singing bowls, tuning forks and chanting mantras. Sound resonates with the body on a molecular level to connect mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually as it re-balances vibrational frequencies. The session takes place in the Long Barn, with the group comfortably seated around sound therapist Janie.

Reiki Drumming – sit around the warmth of a campfire and listen to the hypnotic beating of a drum, which will induce a state of calm, relaxation and meditation. Recent studies have proven that drumming reduces stress and anxiety, helps clear the mind and actually boosts the immune system. The drumming session is led by Faith and will be held around a firepit, weather permitting, or in the Long Barn.

Guests will also enjoy access to the world-class wellness and leisure facilities of Swinton Country Club & Spa, which include indoor and outdoor pools and hot tub, thermal suite with hydrotherapy pool, saunas, steam rooms and a suite of relaxation rooms. A range of treatments and personalised programmes by Bamford and Elemis is available.

The package cost is £375 per person for a two night stay based on two sharing a tree lodge, with a £45 supplement for single occupancy.

To book, please call 01765 680 900, email [email protected] or visit swintonestate.com