At the recent ITB travel show in Berlin, Guyana scooped the award for the ‘Best of Ecotourism‘, due to the considerable efforts and expenditure to develop new and innovative eco-friendly tourism products.

The small South American nation has incorporated sustainable practices into all aspects of its strategy, planning and programming while educating the world on how to maximise the positive socio-economic and conservation outcomes from tourism. Read more about the ecotourism adventures you can unearth in this yet-to-be discovered tourism destination.

Follow in the footsteps of Papillon

This year marks 50 years since the release of one of the greatest adventure tales, Papillon. The best-seller describes the life French prisoners experienced in the penal colony of French Guiana. To celebrate this anniversary, Local Guyana tour operator, Wilderness Explorers, offers a journey to retrace many of the locations in the book and learn about the fascinating cultures in French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana.

The journey starts in the capital of French Guiana, Cayenne, before travelling along the coast of French Guiana to Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni and visit the Camp De La Transportation, before crossing into Suriname and onto the capital, Paramaribo. The adventure then continues to Guyana to visit Wakenaam Island where Papillon was imprisoned before he eventually ended up in Venezuela. The tour also spends time in the colonial capital, Georgetown, and includes a flight and day tour to the spectacular Kaieteur Falls.  The 12-day tour is priced from £3130 per person, excluding international flights.

Guyana township

Jungle Kayak Expedition with Bushmasters

The Jungle Kayak Expedition from Bushmasters will take intrepid explorers up the many winding rivers of Guyana’s pristine Amazonia. These are the lands where Sir Walter Raleigh searched for El Dorado and the place that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Lost World’. Explorers will climb aboard sturdy, expedition quality kayaks and head up rivers where no one else has ventured before, making camp on the river banks and hunting and fishing for supper. The kayak venture provides the ideal conditions to spot some of Guyana’s resident giants such as jaguar, anaconda, tapir and capybara. The Jungle Kayak Expedition is priced from £1,879 (excluding international flights) and departs 6 October returning 19 October 2019.

Evergreen Adventures set to launch new Lethem Weekend tour

Evergreen Adventures, has announced that it will be launching a new Lethem Weekend tour. The tour will depart from Eugene. F. Correia International Airport and visit sites such as Kumu Falls, a series interconnected cascading waterfalls, before heading to some of the indigenous villages neighbouring Lethem to meet the locals and learn about their culture. The tour also includes horse riding at the new Waikin Ranch, a sunset drive into the savannahs, fishing, and sampling local Guyanese cuisine. Accommodation will be provided at the Rupununi Eco Hotel and Waikin Ranch. The three-day tour is priced from £530 per person based on double occupancy and includes all meals, transport and excursions, departing from Georgetown.

Evergreen Adventures introduces Rainforest Resort Adventure

Evergreen Adventures has also introduced a new Rainforest Resort Adventure. The tour includes a visit to Baganara Island Resort located near the Essequibo’s east bank, travelling through the ‘Gateway to the Interior’ at the Mazaruni, Guyana’s largest tributary. Next stop is Parrot Island, an uninhabited island with 200 feet of natural vegetation and appropriately named for the parrots that go there to roost at sunset. The itinerary also includes a visit to Fort Kyk-over-Al, one of Guyana’s most historic sites before trekking to Marshall and Kaieteur Falls. The three-night tour is priced from £745 per person including all transport, meals, accommodation and excursions, departing from Georgetown.

Guyana Ecotourism

New Lethem Day tour from Evergreen Adventures

Known as the jewel of Guyana’s Deep South, Evergreen Adventures is now offering a day tour to Lethem. This tour gives guests a chance to sample the wild Rupununi Savannah and visit its largest town to see the Takutu Bridge and Rodeo Ground. The final stop is Kumu Falls located in the Kanuku Mountains across the Brazilian border. Here travellers can spend time exploring the terrain and swimming in the stunning waterfall plunge pools. The one-day tour is priced from £298 per person and includes transport, meals, and all excursions, departing from Georgetown.

Rainforest Tours launches Overland Kaieteur tour

Adventure tour operator, Rainforest Tours, has launched a rugged, wet and wild Overland Kaieteur Falls tour full of exciting challenges and breathtaking scenery. Departing from Georgetown in a 4×4 and heading into the Konawaruk Mountains with curassow bounding on the side of the road, before boarding a boat to enter the Kaieteur Gorge with steep mountains rising on either side to up to 2,000ft. Adventurers will camp out in Waratuk fall and Tukiet where there is the chance to take a refreshing swim in the Portaro River. The final leg of the journey is the steep ascent up through the rainforest covered mountains before emerging with a well-earned, once-in-a-lifetime view of the magnificent Kaieteur Falls. The five-day tour is priced from £649 per person.


Trip to Santa Mission with Rainforest Tours

Santa Mission is an Amerindian village located on the left bank of the stunning Demerara River at Kumuni Creek. Guests will climb aboard a boat with the first sites of the village being the humble homestead farms lining the banks of the river. Travellers can marvel at the variety of tropical vegetation and wildlife before arriving at the village for lunch with the community. Afterwards guests have the opportunity to meet the Chief of the village who will provide a tour of the settlement, learning about the culture and daily life of the village. Guests are then free to spend time swimming in the creek, meeting locals or browsing artisanal crafts. The one-day tour is priced from £91 per person with departures from Georgetown.

Incredible Tours announces new Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago tour

Incredible Tours has announced the launch of a new tour visiting Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. The itinerary begins with arrival at Georgetown with visits to St. George’s Cathedral, the famous Stabroek Market, the Botanical Gardens, and the National Museum. Guests will have the opportunity to admire Kaieteur Falls and its unique micro=climate with Golden frogs and the renowned Guiana Cock-of-the-rock. Rum is one of Guyana’s main exports and the Diamond Distillery is famous for its production of unique blends of rum in which guests are able to gain insight before heading to Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. The 15-day tour is priced from £3,600 per person and departs 3 October 2019.

KE Adventures launch ‘Discovering the Hidden Guianas’ tour

KE Adventures recently launched a new tour titled ‘Discovering the Hidden Guianas‘ taking explorers through Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Guests will have the opportunity to venture through one of the last four remaining pristine rainforests on the planet, Iwokrama, where some of the richest biodiversity ever recorded resides. There is a high possibility of guests coming face-to-face with the likes of river dolphins, jaguars, river otters, capybara, caiman and more. The abundance of flora and fauna is matched by the fascinating human stories; a melting pot of ethnicities from all corners of the world. Guests have the unique opportunity of meeting these isolated communities and much more on the action packed itinerary. The 15-day tour is priced from £5,575 per person including international flights, accommodation, excursions and some meals.

Guyana Sunset

Market, City and Backyard culinary tour of Georgetown with Wilderness Explorers

Georgetown is the main entry point for most visitors and a melting pot of cultures and flavours. For those looking for a local experience, new market tour experience by Wilderness Explorers offers a guided visit of the city’s Bourda Market with Guyanese Chef and owner of the highly acclaimed Backyard Café, Delvin Adams. The tour explores the many sections of the extensive open-air market offering a glimpse into the abundance of fruits and vegetables available in Guyana, as well as the meat, fish and haberdashery counters, offering an insight into the daily lives of many Georgetown locals. After the market visit, guests will enjoy a city tour before heading to the ‘Backyard Café’ to try different local juices and a wonderful lunch using the ingredients purchased in the market. Visitors can join Delvin as he walks through his culinary creations or simply relax. The tour is priced from €185 per person.

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