Modern travellers expect more than cheap transport and comfy hotels. Scottish based tour operator Rabbie’s has launched ‘We Care About There’ in partnership with VisitScotland to fulfil holidaymakers’ demand for sustainable and responsible travel as well as memorable and ethical experiences.

Rabbie’s has partnered with VisitScotland to deliver two brand new tours. A two-day Whisky & Castles tour sees guests visit two green tourism gold award-winning distillers and discover the innovative sustainable production methods behind Scotland’s most famous product. While the five-day Orkney & Scotland’s Northern Coast tour takes guests to meet the locals who have dedicated their lives caring for Scotland’s cultural heritage.

Rabbie’s has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering environmentally conscious tours. As well as providing award-winning small coach tours across the UK and Europe, over the last 14 years, Rabbie’s has mitigated its environmental impact through several positive initiatives.

These green programmes include a self-imposed carbon tax, which so far has raised over £120,000 for environmental and social projects chosen by staff. Additionally, Rabbie’s hosts staff volunteer days, and a encourages a “leave no trace policy” on every outing.

Rabbie’s new tours, especially featured as a part of their We Care About There campaign, include:

Whisky & Castles – two-day tour

This two-day adventure is packed full of Scottish whiskies, castles and scenic views. The tour travels North towards Highland Perthshire, visiting typical highland towns and enjoying the  beautiful peaks of the Cairngorms National Park. The tour visits the historic Cardhu Distillery, and Scotland’s highest distillery at Dalwhinnie. As driving duties are handled by Rabbie’s Driver-Guide’s all are able to sample some of Scotland’s finest produce. Prices for this two-day tour begin at £115 per person, with tours departing throughout the summer from Edinburgh.

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Orkney & Scotland’s Northern Coast – five-day tour

Escape to Scotland’s extreme Northern Coast and sail the Viking Waters of the Northern Sea to Orkney to discover Scotland’s fiercely protected island culture. The archipelago hides many treasures, but the expertise of your Driver-Guide, plus the warm welcome from the locals will help guests unlock the magic of Orkney’s prehistoric monuments and proud island communities. Natural beauty awaits on this tour too, vibrant red sandstone coasts, and green pastures show why these islands have been revered and respected for centuries. Join Rabbie’s in celebrating this remarkable part of Scotland with prices starting at £379 per person. Tours are departing throughout the summer.

While touring, Rabbie’s promotes a “leave no trace” policy. Guests are encouraged to take away all litter, stick to marked pathways, and observe wildlife from a distance. Ultimately, leaving every natural spot untouched for future visitors to enjoy.

In some instances, sustainability means more than environmental protection, it means running tours in a way that is respectful and mindful of small local communities and economies. Rabbie’s uses mini-coaches not only for the comfort of guests, but also so that the tours can visit villages and destinations off-of-the-beaten-track. This provides a unique and genuine touring experience while supporting the economy of small communities.

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