The team of travel experts behind the leading arctic activity booking website have announced their latest partnership with Destination Lofoten to sell a range of summer and winter arctic activities online in Lofoten, Norway.

 The islands, fjords and mountains of Lofoten draw visitors from around the world to enjoy its picture-perfect views and activities to explore the region by water and land whether under the Arctic’s Midnight Sun in the summer, or to experience the Northern Lights in the winter.

The new partnership with Visit Lapland will allow visitors to not only book activities in Lofoten, but also for onward destinations across the Lapland area in Norway Sweden and Finland.

“This is such an exciting development for Visit Lapland,” said Chad Blakley, co-founder of Visit Lapland. “Not only is Lofoten one of the most picturesque destinations across the whole Lapland region, but it’s also a magnet for visitors year-round who are looking to experience both summer and winter activities.”

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Surfing in the Arctic, anyone? Photo by Alex Conu

With its network of islands, the region is the perfect spot for a boat trip or RIB boat tour to explore the regions islands and white sandy beaches (yes – white sandy beaches in the Arctic), join a wildlife cruise or go kayaking.

With an abundance of marine life, Lofoten is also the perfect destination for fishing or even join a whale watching tour.

For those looking for something different, Lofoten is also one of one of the world’s northernmost sites for surfing.

Winter brings a raft of snow fun and is famous for Lofoten Northern Lights activities, snowshoeing and other activities.

“It’s not only the wilderness that draws in visitors, the region is also steeped in human history with evidence of human settlement in the area extending back at least 11,000 years,” adds Chad Blakley form Visit Lapland. “With plenty of history and culture to absorb, we’d also recommend a trip to the Sund Fisherymuseum or the Lofotr Viking Museum.”

For those planning a new adventure to Lofoten, visit to look through the wide range of activities on offer for both summer and winter. To find out more about travelling to and booking activities to other destinations in Lapland, visit