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Interested in Adventurous?

Life is an adventure, and for many travel is too. At Travel Begins at 40 we have compiled all our most adventurous ideas into one easy to access travel topic.

Adventurous Travel Ideas

Whether you are interested in cycling through East Africa, walking from Cape to Cape across the UK, travelling on an old paddlewheel steamer through Bangladesh or learning to scuba dive, we have just the article waiting to inspire your over 40s adventures. We even have an article on space travel.

From Beaches to Mountains

So from the beaches of Belize to the trains of Albania and the mountains of Nepal or Tajikistan, we have just the in depth travel article to inspire your adventurous yearnings.

Latest Adventure News and Offers

Furthermore, for those looking for a travel deal, we have compiled the latest special offers, as well as current travel news, so you can keep abreast of all the latest happenings in the world of adventure travel.