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Where to Go in May 2023

Where to Go in May 2023

Images from packed airports demonstrate the desire to wander has lost none of its lustre during the last couple of years. If you are looking to go on holiday next…

Interested in Africa?

Is there any continent more full of mystery than Africa? Yet, it is perhaps – with the exception of Antarctica – the least accessible. But it doesn’t have to be so.

African Safari

Many of us have dreamed about going on an African safari, but perhaps it is something we put off onto later. Now is later. So don’t dilly-dally any further. From tips on how to avoid the crowds on your African safari, to ideas on how to take a safari over a weekend, we have compiled all our articles in this one travel ideas page.

From Gorillas to Wine

But Africa is not just about going on a safari. From getting up close and comfortable with gorillas or taking a ride through the wine regions of South Africa, the continent is rich with a diverse range of experiences, and that’s not forgetting the wonders of Morocco and North Africa.

We even have an interview with an African wildlife conservationist, as well as our prediction on what will be the next travel destination in the continent.

Accommodation in Africa

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