Topic: Art

For many over 40 travellers, one of the key aspects of going on holiday is to appreciate the local culture, within this art is key. There are few things more rewarding than to huddle into the warmth of a museum or gallery and marvel at the creative genius of former times – or contemporary artists – especially if the weather outside is far from clement.

Art Museum

Visiting a major museum whether it be the universally known Tate Modern or Louvre, or the regionally specific, such as the Antwerp Museum of Modern Art will ensure your vacation is more rewarding.

Art Gallery

Smaller galleries with specific specialism are also well worth visiting. Many of these are free to enter, or are included in a 24-hour or 48-hour city cultural and transport pass, such as exist in Stockholm and Amsterdam, and are well worth purchasing.

Art News and Events

At Travel Begins at 40 we have sections devoted to the latest news, events and exhibitions in major and not-so-major cities around the world, in order for you to plan your trip to coincide with the best in cultural offerings.

Make sure your next trip is one full of cultural reward, and awaken the creative inside of you.

Hong Kong Arts Festival

Hong Kong Arts Festival 2020

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Venice International Film Festival

Venice International Film Festival 2019

The Venice International Film Festival, officially called Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica, is the world’s oldest film festival. Every year you can indulge here in the best of international cinema while…

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