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Whitsun Escape to Barbados

Whitsun Escape to Barbados

Hammerton Barbados has quickly established itself as the UK’s leading villa holiday company to the famous Caribbean island, with over 200 properties within its portfolio…

Interested in Barbados?

Famous for its sunny beaches, the island of Barbados was settled by the English from 1625. It was gradually turned into a series of sugar plantations and slaves were brought to work on them. In 1966 it became independent and has since grown to be a major Caribbean tourism destination, with hotels ranging from bed and breakfast to top quality resorts.

Major Holiday Attractions

The best beaches are on the southern and western coasts. The east side is rockier. There are also the botanical gardens and the Flower Forest.

Population of Barbados

It has a population of 285,000, though as it measures only 34km by 23km, it has a very high population density.

Language of Barbados

The language spoken is English.

Capital of Barbados

The capital is Bridgetown.

Other Tourist Attractions

For sporty holiday people these range from surfing to diving to golf. There is the Caribbean Wax Museum that focuses on regional heroes and there are museums to history and cricket. A popular underground attraction is Harrison’s Cave. Nowhere is far to reach from your hotel.