Topic: Brazil

From the beaches in the south to the wide expanses of the Amazon river in the north, Brazil is rich with opportunities for all travellers, whether they come for culture, relaxation or fun. It also has the most wonderful cuisine.

Major Tourism Attractions

The largest country in South America, it attracts some 6.5 million tourists each year, ranking it top for tourists arrivals. Although Brasilia is the capital, most tourists are drawn to he nightlife and culture of Rio de Janeiro with is wonderful beaches, especially during the annual Carnival.

Population of Brazil

It has the fifth largest population (209,829,000) in the world as well as the fifth largest land mass (8,511,965 sqkm), behind Russia, Canada, USA and China.

Language of Brazil

The language spoken is Portuguese.

Capital of Brazil

The capital is Brasilia.

Other Tourist Attractions

Other places well worth visiting include Manaus and Salvador in the north, major metropolis Sao Paolo, the largest city in South America and the Iguazu Falls, which also borders Paraguay and Argentina.

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