Topic: Brussels

Belgium’s capital Brussels is an architectural rollercoaster ride from gothic and art nouveau to faceless bureaucratic and ending at one of the world’s most beautiful medieval squares, the Grand Place. This multicultural city is also a gourmet’s paradise.

Things to do in Brussels

Browse the many art galleries and museums strewn across the city, savour some of the world’s best beers in an art deco café and hunt for lost treasures at the flea market in the Marollen quarter.

Brussels Atomium

Belgium’s answer to the Eiffel tower, the Atomium is a 165 billion times magnified cell of an iron crystal consisting of nine spheres connected by escalators. Standing 102 metres tall, the view from the top sphere is the best in the city.

Manneken Pis

This rather diminutive statue of a urinating boy is the capital’s most famous resident and best represents this city’s down-to-earth character.

Brussels language

Officially bilingual Dutch and French, the latter is most commonly spoken while many people will also speak English.

Brussels Christmas Market 2018

Brussels Christmas Market 2018

The Brussels Christmas Market 2018 is no doubt one of the best in Europe for food and atmosphere. Winter Wonders – as the market is dubbed – runs over two kilometres through…

Art Brussels

Art Brussels

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, this year sees Art Brussels rilling out the innovations. Art Brussels has arguably become one of the biggest contemporary art shows in mainland Europe….

Art Brussels

Brussels Greets Tourists

This weekend (September 16-17) the Global Greeter Network celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Greeters concept’s first introduction. It’s a great opportunity to examine the development of participative tourism in…

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