Topic: Canada

A vast country in North America stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Arctic Ocean in the north, Canada is the world’s second largest country with diverse cultures and terrain.

Canada Population

The country’s population in 2016 was just over 36 million. It is an ethnically diverse country and the latest statistics in 2016 show that 22.3 % of the current population are from minority groups. There are 1.7 million Native Americans living in Canada, 4.9% of Canada’s total population. There are also 7.2 million French speaking Canadians, mostly living in Quebec where French is the official language.

Canada Wildlife

The Canadian government has legislated to protect the country’s wildlife, which has been encroached on over decades, as it is home to many ecologically diverse marine and animal life eco-systems, including the Tundra, the Rocky Mountains and several coastal marine eco-systems. Protected animals include the grizzly bear, cougar, moose, whale and marmot.

Canada Holidays

There is a plethora of tour companies offering a variety of diverse package holidays in the country from exploring the Wilderness to visiting the major Canadian cities. Some of the most popular locations are Niagara Falls, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec, Whistler and the Canadian Rockies.

Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Winter Carnival 2022

Ever since 1955, the people of Quebec City have celebrated winter with the Quebec Winter Carnival. In 2006, over a million people attended the festival, making it the biggest winter…

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