Topic: Caribbean

The Caribbean is a group of islands, south east of the Gulf of Mexico and the mainland of North America, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. The islands consist of thirteen sovereign states and seventeen dependent territories.


Beautiful Belize is a jewel not to be missed. It is located in Central America on its Eastern coast and borders Mexico and Guatemala. There is also great biodiversity with mangrove swamps, wetlands, forest and lakes; the Belize Barrier Reef is a UNESCO Heritage site where scuba diving and snorkelling attract many visitors annually.

Sailing around the Caribbean

If you want blue skies, white sand and turquoise seas and you love sailing take up the offer of one of the many boating holidays that are available. Moor off deserted coves and visit small fishing ports.

Caribbean Cuisine

In Belize, the lobster should not be missed. On Barbados there is a speciality dish of cou-cou, made from corn meal and okra,with flying fish. The Bahamas offers conch salad with conch fritters and peas and rice. The Columbian Caribbean has a large Arab population and rice and chicken with coconut milk is popular. In Dominica, curried goat, salt fish with fried dumplings are tempting dishes also. You could accompany your food with a rum cocktail or even with music, as in the Barbados Celtic Festival.

Caribbean Carnival

If you are looking to have a litle Calypso fun on your holidays, then try the Trinidad Carnival, one of the most fun occasions on the planet and imbued with centuries of tradition.

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