Topic: Chiang Mai

Thailand’s second city and former capital of the ancient, independent Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai prides itself for its distinct northern culture and identity.

Things to Do in Chiang Mai

The Old City with its historical moats and fortifications, and hundreds of ancient temples are its top attractions, but there are also plenty of undiscovered things to do off the tourist trail.

Festivals & Events

Nicknamed the Rose of the North, this is one of the best places in Thailand to enjoy its many festivals, from flowers and sky lanterns to jazz and Thai New Year.

Chiang Mai weather

Flanked by mountains and sitting astride the Ping River, this northern city enjoys a slightly cooler and less humid climate compared to the country’s central and southern regions, but also battles with smog problems at the end of the dry season (February – April).

Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Travel to here by train, enjoying its slow pace while watching landscapes and villages roll by.

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