Topic: Chile

Few countries can have such a long coastline for its landmass as Chile. The country hugs the Pacific Ocean in the small space allotted it by the Andes Mountains.

Chile Fjords and Patagonia

Much of the southern coastline is dominated by fjords and narrow inlets, ideal for cruising but not so east for land travel. This is some of the most spectacular landscape you will encounter anywhere. Along with the lake district to the south of the capital Santiago, this is what make the country such a hit with holidaymakers.

Chile: Easter Island

The country also owns the Easter Island; you fly there from Santiago. A visit to see the amazing Easter Island statues should be a must on anyone’s travel bucket list.

Atacama Desert and the North

The very north of the country becomes much more arid as you enter the Atacama Dessert, the driest place on Earth. It is towards the north of the country that Chile’s best wine is grown.

fiesta de la vendimia chile

Fiesta de la Vendimia Chile 2019

The vendimia is a generic word for harvests, though it usually refers to Chile’s wine harvest. Arguably, the centre of the fiesta de la vendimia Chile is the Maipo Valley,…

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