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Cambodia Tourism Set to Soar

Cambodia Tourism Set to Soar

Cambodia tourism industry has evolved in leaps and bounds in the last few decades. As it becomes an increasingly important economic pillar for the Kingdom, Marissa Carruthers looks at the…

Interested in Community-based Tourism?

Responsible tourism has become very much in vogue in the last few years and community-based tourism has been at the vanguard of that movemennt. At Travel Begins at 40 we very much endorse the concept.

Meaning of Community-based Tourism

In essence community-based tourism means to ensure that the benefits of tourism are shared with the community that hosts the tourism activity. But it goes much further than that, including the concept that local communities should own tourism initiatives and shape the way that tourism evolves within their environment.

Sharing Experiences

Also underlying the concept is the belief that we should all benefit from the tourist experience, travellers and hosts. We, as tourists benefit as much from the host’s knowledge and experiences as they do from ours.

Community-based Travel Experiences

Whether it is staying at a homestay in a remote village in Laos drinking the local firewater, getting off the beaten track in Myanmar, or staying in a ger in Mongolia, our pages are full of experiences where we have shared our travels with locals. Let us share them with you too.