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Interested in Croatia?

Located in the Balkans in Central Europe, Croatia has a population of just over four million inhabitants, most of whom are Roman Catholics. Its capital is Zagreb and the official language is Croatian.

Croatia Capital Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital and also the largest city in Croatia. Situated on the Sava River in the south west of the country, it nestles at the foot of the Medvednica Mountain. Rich historically, Zagreb dates from Roman times and attracts over a million visitors annually. Visit the medieval part of the city close to Ban Jelacic Square with its palaces, churches, museums and government buildings.

Croatian Food

An immense variety of food is on offer reflecting Croatia’s rich heritage. There is Balkan food, of course, but also Ottoman, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines. If you are a beer drinker there are ten popular craft beers to choose from to sip at your leisure in one of the many beer gardens. Try traditional dishes like pasticada, a slow cooked beef stew, stuffed peppers and traditional sausages made from meat and onions known as cevapi. If you are on the Adriatic coast there is a plethora of fish and seafood dishes. Octopus salad is a particular favourite.

Croatian Festivals

There are some great festivals in Croatia including the Ultra Europe in Split.

Dubrovnik and the Adriatic

Visit the stunning Adriatic coastline in Croatia, with its emerald coloured sea. Travel to historic Dubrovnik and be amazed by the medieval streets and houses with their stunning views. Don’t miss the beautiful island of Brac, an Adriatic island dream location.