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Pedals in Puglia Italy

Pedals in Puglia Italy

Head for Italy’s ‘heel’ with Judith Schrut as she shares delights and highlights from her recent cycling trip in Puglia, deep in Italy’s sunny south. Whether you’re an Easy Rider…

Interested in Cycling?

Cycling, or biking, or even an electric bike is increasingly popular on holiday. If you are an expert in this it could be your own custom-design that you take with you, though, whatever your level here are some ideas to inspire.

Go Green – don’t hire the car

You will find bikes available for hire in many cities around the world. It is a tranquil way to get to know the streets and a form of transport that very much allows you to stop just where you would like to. For example, one city that is pushing bikes is historic Bath.

Combine with Trains

This can be family-friendly, chosen with camping or great for bed and breakfasts. For examples in the rail-dense continent of Europe.

Adventure Cycling

Ever thought of cycling across the plains of Africa? Yes, that is certainly a possibility for the adventurous.

Mountain biking

If you are in a place that protects its natural environment, mountain biking may well be a way to get up real close and appreciate it. Costa Rica comes to mind as a country that caters to this sport.

Cycle ways

More open up all the time. For example in Wales.