Topic: Dance

Dance like nobody’s watching, so they say – clearly this does not apply to Strictly, but if you have moves like our editor’s there is little chance that anyone will be watching or at least not for long. Fortunately, there are people with rhythm and going to watch them perform can be a cultural highlight of your trip.

Dance Festivals

On our pages we have lists of festivals around the world from the World Tango Dance Tournament in Buenos Aires in August to the Zurich Tanzt Dance Festival in May, so that you can coincide your trip with the best festivals around.


But dancing is not all about choreographed moves. It is also about improvisation, especially when this is on the street or in carnivals. Let us lead you on a quick step through some of the best carnivals around the world where you can imagine no one is watching as you do the fandango, regardless of what Instagram or Facebook might later suggest.

Candle Festival Thailand

Candle Festival Thailand, 2022

Marking the start of the green (or wet) season, the Candle Festival in July is amongst the most beautiful celebrations in Thailand. Extravagant, intricately-carved candle sculptures are shown off at…

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