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Interested in Derby?

One of the great things about the UK is the diversity that different regions have to offer. For example have you ever thought of visiting Derby on your trip around the UK?

Things To Do in Derby

If you haven’t then why not? The city has the most wonderful cathedral and a throbbing square surrounding it, with plenty of great pubs and restaurants, as well as museums.

Pubs in Derby

Indeed, it has been claimed that the city’s pubs are leading something of a timely real ale resurgence, especially considering reports that a quarter of all pubs in the UK have closed since 2001. A great way to discover the real ale, craft ale and cider in the region and elsewhere is by visiting the Derby Winter Ale Festival, held in February at the Roundhouse. And if you like your water fresh, then you can always visit the spa town of Buxton.

Peak District and Surrounds

But it is not just the city itself that appeals. Just outside are several memorable country houses, and in the Peak District, one of the UK’s most glorious national parks, ideal for hiking or supping a pint at a country pub. Yorkshire might claim to be God’s Own Country, but neighbouring Derbyshire could lay equal claim to the moniker.

Derby Hotels

If you are going to the city and in need of accommodation there are a great number of great value options both within the city and just outside. Why not give Derby a shot, even if you don’t visit Derby County football club!