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El Salvador


Interested in El Salvador?

Like many countries in Central America, El Salvador has had a pretty chequered history, especially in the last century. This means it does not feature high on many people’s travel bucket list, but that is a pity.

Travel in El Salvador

While you should exercise caution when travelling in the country, security issues should not concern you unduly. Throughout the country armed tourist police are there to ensure that your travel in the country is safe.

Colonial Towns and Pupusas

While the El Salvador capital, San Salvador is not a place where you might dwell for too long, there are numerous great colonial towns, such as Atico, Nahuizalco and Suchitoto. One great thing to do is to follow the La Ruta de los Flores (The Flower Route), popping into a coffee plantation along the way, or you could try some pupusas on your Central American travel adventure.

Climbing a Volcano

Also, close to the capital and an easy drive is a range of volcanoes – Ilamatepac or Santa Ana, Izalco and Cerro Verde – the former you can climb, offering spectacular views down to the coast.

Joya de Ceren

Interested in archaeology? Then visit the Mayan ruins of Joya de Ceren, the country’s Pompeii. What is of particular interest here is to see how normal Saladorians used to live.

El Salvador Flag and Time

The flag has three horizontal stripes, with blue at the top and bottom, and white in the middle where the country’s coat of arms resides. El Salvador Time is -6 hours GMT (or Central Standard Time).