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Faroe Islands


Interested in Faroe Islands?

An archipelago of 18 islands roughly equidistant between Iceland and Scotland, the Faroe Islands were first settled upon by Irish monks and then Vikings from Norway. Later on, it became part of the kingdom of Denmark, as it still remains today, despite calls for independence.

Flights to Faroe Islands

Now, you can easily fly to the islands with Atlantic Airways from either Copenhagen or Amsterdam, and there are plans to expand the network to Paris and New York later in 2019.

Faroe Islands Weather

Despite its northerly location, Faroese weather is deceptively temperate, with winters around 3C, and summers averaging 13C. Summer days are long.

Capital of the Faroe Islands

The capital, Tórshavn, has one of the oldest parliaments in the world in Tiganes, as well as some excellent contemporary restaurants, many of them with traditional grass roofs.

However, it is the remoteness of the islands and the beautiful landscape with high cliffs descending into fjords, which make the islands an unforgettable holiday experience.