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Greek Chic on a Corfu Holiday

Greek Chic on a Corfu Holiday

Maria Boyle enjoys a week of culture, food and relaxation on her Corfu holiday with her two girls. Located north-west of mainland Greece, surrounded by the Ionian Sea, Corfu’s lush…

Interested in Greece?

Few countries are blessed with as many ingredients for creating the ideal holiday as Greece. From its rich culture to a wonderful cuisine and the most stunning islands, there are so many reasons to make the country your next destination.

Greece Holidays

Many tourists focus on the islands, with due cause, but that means missing the more cultural side of the country from Delphi to Corinth and Olympus – not to mention the capital Athens and its majestic Acropolis dominating the city.

Greek Islands

But it is to the islands that most head, ensured of endless, summer sun and, the most beautiful beaches adjoining emerald waters.

Greek Food

Nor should you miss out on the cuisine, rich with olive oil, it is one of the healthiest on the planet, with Greek salad the perfect lunch time treat.

Greek Gods and Goddesses

And if all that is insufficient to tempt you, then immerse yourself in a rich cultural heritage with tales of old from Homer and the Greek tragedians, of gods and goddesses and man’s worship of them.