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Interested in Health?

With people becoming increasingly health conscious it is hardly surprising that there has been an increase in health-related tourism in recent years.

Health Tourism and Wellness

Part of this surge has revolved around wellness, with spas and retreats becoming increasingly popular, especially with the more mature and single travellers. Trips to Asia now often involve spa treatments, meditation and yoga, as well as lounging on the beach. Europe and North America has continued this trend. That you can also inject a good dose of fun in your healthy holidays proves the popular Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea where the healing properties of its mineral-rich mud combine with music concerts, street parades and everything mud-related from mud baths and mud wrestling to mud massage. Are you instead looking for a more spartan or esoteric spa experience, then why not unwind in a Tajik mountain sanatorium, Soviet style? We’ve got it all covered.

Healthy Food

Eating healthily is an essential component of the healthy holiday, with many tourists believing that this is a key part of ensuring you return home refreshed.

Medical Tourism

There has also been a boom in medical tourism with many deciding to take advantage of the excellent standard of medical care and relatively low cost of private medicine in countries such as Thailand.

Health Insurance

When going on holiday it is a good idea to ensure that you have insurance that covers your trip. If you are a frequent traveller it might be in your best interest to acquire an annual package.