Topic: Heritage

The older a civilisation, the richer its heritage. Whether you are in the UK, Europe the Far East or the Americas, an appreciation of the local culture will make your holiday the more rewarding.

Cultural Heritage and Festivals

Local festivals are a wonderful way of appreciating the rich culture that has been crafted over centuries and even millennia upon occasions. At Travel Begins at 40, we have a whole festival and events section so you can easily access information on festivals local to where you are visiting.

UK Heritage

The UK is blessed with a long history that is demonstrated in the wonderful castles, cathedrals and ancestral homes dotted around the country. Many of these are maintained by organisations such as English Heritage and the National Trust and open to the public.

European Heritage

Europe has a similar rich tradition, and holidays in the continent can focus on the Grand Tour involving highlights of Roman, Greek and even Morish civilisations.

Native Culture

If all this sounds like a Eurocentric, culturally elitist approach, then fear not, we also have articles focusing on native culture from early civilisations that might have been missed out in some history books. Make your next journey a culturally rewarding one.

George Town Festival Penang Malaysia

George Town Festival 2019, Penang

Less than a week after celebrating its UNESCO World Heritage Day, once again culture, art and heritage will take over Penang’s capital during the George Town Festival from 13 to…

Naadam Festival Mongolia

Naadam Festival Mongolia 2019

Also called the Olympic Games of nomads, the spectacular Naadam Festival in Mongolia is the country’s biggest event and its national pride. Taking place every July…

Rainforest Fringe Festival Malaysia

Rainforest Fringe Festival 2019

During a period of eight days in July, the best of Sarawak’s art, music, culture, craft, photography, film, food and heritage will be showcased in the heart of Kuching, the…

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