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Interested in Honduras?

While Honduras may be blessed with a twin coastline bordering on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, it has not been so fortunate with its crime, having one of the highest homicide rates in the world.

Honduras Travel

Despite this, the Central American country is a wonderful place to visit on your holidays, so long as you take sensible safety precautions. In addition to posessing ancient ruins, such as Roatan, the country’s Caribean coast makes for an excellent vacation.

Honduras Roatan

The highlight of Honduran Caribbean is Roatan, an island set in the most beautiful clear waters. Here, in addition to eating the wonderful fresh seafood, you can enjoy traditional Honduran music, played by the Garifuna people, who sailed to the country from St Vincent two centuries ago. A boat trip either through the mangroves or to the neighbouring small islands makes for an unforgettable experience.

Banana Republic

In the past, the influence of Standard Fruit led to the country being dubbed a banana republic. Evidence of the corporation’s presence in the country is still apparent in images of its architectural heritage. You should not confuse the country with British Honduras, which is the old name for Belize.

Honduras Flag and Capital

Honduras capital is Tegucigalpa. The flag has two horizontal bands of blue either side of a white band with five stars. The two blue stripes are said to represent the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean.

Honduras Time

Like neighbouring El Salvador the time zone is -6 GMT or Central Standard Time.