Topic: Hong Kong

For centuries a major trading port in Asia, the island of Hong Kong and its neighbouring territories have now become a major tourist destination attracting people from around the globe.

Hong Kong Things To Do

The key thing to do is to look up. No skyline can compare with that of the island. A boat trip around the harbour, especially on the Star ferry is a great way to experience the place, and don’t forget to try the local street food, whether its dim sum, dumplings or noodle soup, you are in for a treat.

Hong Kong Island

The main island is only part of the territory’s attractions, with Kowloon, the New Territories and the many smaller islands all having their own distinct attractions.

Hong Kong Time

The time is GMT / UTC +8. There is daylight saving time.

Hong Kong Weather

The island is often decked in cloud. So, if you happen upon some fair weather during your stay make sure you go to the top of Victoria Peak and enjoy the views.


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Hong Kong Protests in Admiralty on Sept 2 2019. Photo Studio Incendo Flickr.

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