Topic: Iceland

From the volcanic Mývatn region in the north to the stunning coastline of the Eastern fjords and the spectacular landscapes of the Vatnajökull glacier in the south, Iceland is a true paradise for lovers of raw nature and the quiet.

Things to Do in Iceland

Hike one of its more than 1,000 volcanoes, photograph its majestic waterfalls, relax outdoors in a hot spring, go whale spotting, make a boat trip in a glacier’s lagoon and get up and close with a spouting geyser. Most wildlife can be spotted in the air and in the sea, with the arctic fox the country’s only native land mammal.


This attractive city is the world’s most northerly capital where trendiness and tradition go hand in hand. Ascend the futuristic Hallgrímskirkja church from where you have Reykjavik’s best panorama.

Iceland Weather

The coast has a cold sea climate while inland there’s a tundra climate. However, it’s milder than you would expect but the weather is notoriously fickle.

Iceland Population

As of end 2018, the island counts 355,000+ humans and 800,000 sheep.

Iceland Trips with TravelLocal

Who doesn’t remember reading Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”? Iceland, a swirling science lab of extraordinary magnitude, is relentlessly under the spell of nature. The island…

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