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5 Unmissable Hindu Festivals of India

5 Unmissable Hindu Festivals of India

Considering its vast size and enormous population, it’s no surprise that India is an incredible diverse country home to many different ethnic groups and religions. And with each of these…

Durga Puja Festival 2024, India

Durga Puja Festival 2024, India

Durga Puja, one of the most important festivals for Hindu Bengalis, is the biggest yearly event in Kolkata and known as the Carnival of the East. Usually taking place in…

Onam Festival 2024, Kerala, India

Onam Festival 2024, Kerala, India

During the days of the Onam Festival, the biggest and most spectacular festival of Kerala, the entire Indian state goes on a spree of celebrations, music and dance performances, elaborate…

Interested in India?

It’s astonishing that India attracts less tourists than a small country like, say, The Netherlands, while this subcontinent boasts an almost endless list of attractions, from the spectacular Himalayas and steaming jungles to megacities, silent yogis and colourful festivals – not to forget the famous beaches of Goa. The Modi government has opened up remote areas to tourists while visa procedures have simplified, so now is as good a time as any to explore this incredible country.

India Capital

Its capital is New Delhi, but the country’s largest city is Mumbai. The country also has dozens of states each with its own state capital, with some of the most famous including Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur and Srinagar.

Festivals of India

India truly is a festival country with countless of Hindu festivals taking place throughout the year such as the spectacular Durga Puja and Ganesh Chaturthi festivals. But not all festivals are exclusively Hindu festivals, including many of the country’s most popular ones such as Diwali and Holi festival India or sports festivals such as the International Kite Festival in Gujarat and the Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Kerala.

India Weather

There are multiple climate zones including desert, tropical, highlands, lowlands and savannah climates. January, November and December are best to visit the north while January, February and December are good for the east and west.

Languages in India

The main official language is Hindi while English is widely spoken, but there are literary hundreds of other living languages.


Its food is almost as varied as its country and an attraction in itself. It comes as no surprise its delicious and rich cuisine can be found in restaurants all over the world.